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Certificates are used to digitally sign software and documents to help identify the creator.

Eightolives' Download Certificate

Eightolives' installation files (EightolivesInstall.tar.gz or EightolivesInstall.exe) are provided with separate signature files (EightolivesInstall.tar.gz.sig or EightolivesInstall.exe.sig) which can be checked using Gnu Privacy Guard (gpg). This checking is automatically performed when you have gpg installed and you download the install file and signature using the eightolives' Go application launcher. You can also use gpg directly. It does require you to download the eightolives public key eightolives_key.gpg and import it into gpg. The current key is valid until 2017-03-11. The key fingerprint is :
1E46 9F22 4E8E 0BCB 75B8 9C59 6BA1 F9F5 80DD 9BAD
Importing the key can be done from Go or you can enter the command line:
gpg --import path_to_file_eightolives_key.gpg