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Screen Shot Eightolives' Editor is a simple, browser-based editor that works with Firefox, Chrome or Safari . You can use it as a normal editor or you can select one of the on-line, design project document templates. This web-app can also be used off-line to edit locally stored documents when not conneted to the Internet.

Editor has special support for requirements, plans and reports. This helps tracking each "shall" or "verify" requirement. The Requirement Review window helps in assessing the quality of each requirement. The Requirement Review Report lists open defects that need to be addressed. Table summaries displaying selectable items can be created in HTML or spreadsheet XLS format.

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Things you can do
  • Create and edit various design project documents or text files.
  • Select standard templates from the menu.
  • Save or print the document in HTML format.
  • Save the template database in XML format locally or on an accesible project server.
  • Create various reports in HTML and XLS formats.
  • Monitor "shalls", "TBDs", and verification methods and status.
  • Perform a requirements review.
  • Supports traceability.
  • Create other text or HTML documents

On-line Templates from the menu include:
  • Concept of Operations
  • Customer Needs Document
  • Item Specification
  • FPGA Development Specification
  • Interface Specification
  • Design Description
  • Software Requrirements Specification
  • Verification Plan
  • Verification Report
  • Hardware Test Procedure
  • Version Description Document
  • Software Users Manual
  • Design Management Plan
  • Software Project Management Plan
  • Statement of Work
  • Business Pan

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