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Create printed circuit board (PCB) designs using eightolives' Layout. This web browser based tool helps you design the artwork layers and generate RS-274X (Gerber files) and Excellon drill files which can be sent to circuit board manufacturers. The tool can communicate with a companion networked server to provide file services or you can store your design on Google Drive to access it anywhere.

Being browser-based, you can use Layout on many computing platforms. No installation is required. The tool is tested with Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

You can invoke Layout from your eightolives Schematic Mobile design which conveys netlist and footprint data to the tool. Semi-autoplace and semi-autoroute features help simplify the design process.

You can accessfootprints of many basic parts from the eightolives on-line footprint library. You can also create part footprints using the tool's footprint wizards or just create footprints using basic drawing commands. Vendor supplied symbol/footprint data provided as ".bxl" files can be processed by Schematic Mobile to extract both the schematic symbols and footprints for Layout. Footprints created for the gEDA project or by gEDA tools can also be used.

Things you can do

Create PCB designs of up to 6 layers from scratch.
Create a PCB design from a Schematic Mobile design.
Import and export the database as gEDA .pcb files
Import vendor .bxl footprints as translated by Schematic Mobile.
Create footprints, holes, vias and microstrip using Wizard tools
Access the eightolives on-line footprint library
Import gEDA .fp format footprints.
Access on-line design examples and common board templates
Output RS-274X (Gerber) artwork files and Excellon drill files.
Print or save diagrams as .png images. Check the turorials:

Using eightolives' Layout
Layout Example: Quadrature Mixer
Using the Raspberry Pi B "Hat" Templates in Schematic Mobile and Layout
Designing Circuit Boards - An Overview

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