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Screen Shot Create an electrical design from your PC or hand-held's web browser using eightolives' finger-friendly Schematic Mobile. This schematic entry tool lets you capture a design and output netlists for printed circuit layout tools or VHDL for analysis and simulation. Schematic Mobile communicates with a companion networked server to provide file services and processing support. The tool is compatible with gEDA tools, symbols and files. You can easily create schematics and block diagrams using the on-line eightolives' symbol libraries, vendor imported symbols or symbols you create using the tool's various symbol wizards. You can also use gEDA symbols that are indirectly accessed through a supporting server.

Your browser displays the user interface making it suitable for most browsers capable of HTML5 and javascript support. This includes Firefox, Chrome and Safari. See the overview Using eightolives' Schematic Mobile for screenshots, menus and more information on how to use the tool.

Limited memory and capabilities of hand-helds and web browsers are addressed by communicating with an external web server. The server can provide file storage services, symbol libraries and other processing. An eightolives Microserver with Schematic support can be used on your local network to provide these additional services.

You can also store and retrieve your files from your Google Drive account letting you access files wherever you go. Read the app note Using Schematic Mobile with Google Drive for more information.

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Things you can do
  • Create electrical schematics and netlists for other printed circuit layout tools.
  • Create schematic symbols.
  • Save data (or import data) in gEDA .sch and .sym format for use with other gEDA tools.
  • Access basic symbols from the eightolives' on-line symbol, simulation or parts libraries.
  • Use symbols from gEDA symbol libraries (not included).
  • Perform design checks.
  • Generate netlists in gEDA, PADS, kiCad or VHDL format.
  • Print or save using your browser capabilities.
  • Create various sized connector and header symbols using the Connector Wizard
  • Create block-type (black box) symbols using the Block Symbol Wizard
  • Import vendor ".bxl" symbols as ".xml" "XML Library Export" files
  • Create gEDA PCB footprint files from vendor ".bxl" files
  • Create your own symbols with pins and graphics.
  • Menu click to transfer your design to Layout
  • Menu click to transfer your design to WaveformViewer
  • Generate a simulatable model of your schematic or template models of your symbols.

Click here for Schematic Mobile.

Quick Hints

Using Schematic Mobile

How to Run the Schematic Mobile Demo

Using Buses in Schematic Mobile

User's Manual

Using Vendor (.bxl) Symbols and Footprints in Schematic Mobile

Simulating a Quadrature (I/Q) Mixer Design with Schematic Mobile and WaveformViewer

A Look at eightolives Hardware Model API (verson 2)


Start Schematic Mobile

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