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eightolives' Schematic Mobile Quick Hints

Schematic Mobile is tested using Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

All actions only use left mouse clicks or touches.

Use the + and - buttons in the left column to zoom

The green ESC button terminates the current state or operation returing to "idle state".

To undo an operation, click the UN button. To redo an operation, click the RE button. (Not all operations are undoable.)

Clicking or touching unused schematic area will close any open menus.

You select a component by clicking or touching it (in its select box area). Its red select box will appear. Use menu item Pref > Show Select Areas to display all select box areas. A second click will display options for that item.

To load an example:

Design > Open Project - select the Server service then select a project
Design > Open Project File - select the file to open then click the Open button
When you load a schematic, the new sheets are added to whatever sheets are already active. If you don't want the previous sheets, you can use the Design > Delete Sheet 1 to remove the old sheet(s).

A typical design check sequence is:

Design > Fix Refdes - this automatically assigns refernce designators in most cases
Design > Update Nets - this updates net segment names and draws junction symbols
Design > Check Design - this creates a summary of errors and warnings

To place a library component:

Click the Component button or menu item Comp > Component Selector
Select a library
Select a Symbol
Click on the schematic where you want to place the symbol.

To move a component:

Select the component.
Use the left, right, up or down arrow buttons below the top menu to make small movements.
or click the MV button and then then click on the schematic where you want the component to be.

To add a net connection:

Click or touch a pin (small red circle) to start a net.
Click at a place horizontal or vertical from the pin to draw a net segment.
Continue ading segments until finished
Click the ESC button to terminate

You can also connect a signal to a pin using a net stub:

Select the component then click again to get its popup options.
Click the Add Net Stub to Pin... option.
Select the pin to which the stub should be added. Click OK and the stub will appear.
Select the component then click again to get its popup options.
Click the Edit Pins option.
Specify the Connected Signal name for the pin with the stub and click OK.

To save your design to Local Project (your browser's cache):

Design > Open Project - select the LOCAL service (which only supports Local Project)
Design > Save Project - this saves your schematic and symbols to cache

To save your design to your computer's file system (if available):

Design > Save Sheet (FS) for each sheet of your design.
For each non-library symbol that you created, select the symbol then click again to get its popup options. Then click the Save Symbol (FS) option.

To save your design to an External Service such as an eightolves Microserver operating on your local network:

Design > Open Project - select External Service
Configure External Service by specifying its URL or use Discovery Start to search for active local servers. If a server is found, click on the displayed item which enters its URL and then click OK. You may be prompted for login information.
Design > Open Project - select the desired project
Design > Save Project - this saves your schematic and symbols to the project

To save your data to Google Drive:

Design > Open Project - select Drive
You may be asked to log in to Google Drive. If so the Google login window will appear.
When you are successfully logged in, "Google Drive" will appear as the project name.
Design > Save Project - this saves your data to the project

To create a design simulatable by WaveformViewer, design using components from the eightolives' Simulation library. If you use other components, you can create a simulatable template model of the component by clicking the component twice to get its popup menu and then selecting Report Sim Template. The model in the Report window can be saved. The empty "execute" function in the template would need to have code added if functionality is required.

To create a simulatable model of the schematic, select Design > Generate Netlist. Select "HW Model" and then click the Generate button. You can also create the schematic model and start WaveformViewer by selecting Design > View Waveforms.

To load a vendor's .bxl symbol, use Ultra Librarian Binary Reader. Import the .bxl file and then export it with "XML Library Export" selected. The exported data is stored in the "UltraLibrarian\Library\Exported" directory as an .xml file with a date stamp filename. You can open this .xml file in Schematic Mobile.

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