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Eightolives' Trains is a browser-based, web-app that displays commuter rail, subway and bus schedule information for the Massachusetts MBTA system.

If your browser platform supports location services, the program will try to determine where you are ("Here") and locate nearby stations or stops. If multiple stops are nearby (within a mile) you can select available options from a menu. If no stops are nearby, you can select one from a list of stations.

The display shows current time, the selected station or stop and a list of scheduled arrivals/departures (trips). Clicking a trip displays the scheduled stops for that trip. Clicking any of the stops displays the scheduled trips at the selected stop.

Clicking the selected station (under the current time) returns to the main schedule trip list. A second click displays a menu of other platforms at that stop or a list menu to select a different stop. The list menu shows a few main stops and categorizes other stops using drop-down selectors. Categories include Commuter Rail, Subway, Subway (Detailed), Airport, Boats, Tourists, Colleges and others.

The "Show / Hide Alerts" button is displayed when preferring predicted data. The button will display any system alerts pertinent to the current stop.

You can also view your stop location on a Google Map using the "Select a Stop From Map" menu option. Clicking on the map finds nearby train, subway and bus stops from which you can select and then return to the main schedule display.

The upper left tri-bar menu lets you select various functions, preferences and menus including Help links. You can also choose to view either schedule data or the default real-time prediction data. Using the Ops menu you can set the current displayed stop as your "Home". Use the "Refresh" option to get fresh data from the server.

The tri-bar menu option, "Find Bus Number," gets a list of trips for a specified bus number. Clicking a trip shows the schedule and stops for that trip. Because the street references for bus stops may be unfamiliar, you can view the stop location on the Google Map popup. Clicking "Plot Bus" on that popup highlights the route of that bus.

The upper left "Search" button acivates the Find Connections function (not yet functional).

The tool is intended to be used by a web browser connected to the internet. The tool is tested with Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

You can also use the Trains web app to view schedules you previously saved to Local memory or your platform's File System (if it is supported). This lets you open and view those saved schedules when you are not connected to the internet or are unable to access the data servers.

Note: You can use this tool on an as-is basis. There are no guarantees of accuracy or continuous availability of the server data presented. If real-time prediction data is not available, schedule data may be substituted.

Data for the MBTA schedules, status and alerts are provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

If you choose to use the optional Google Map features, you are subject to the terms, use and privacy provisions of Google Maps.

"Cookies" are used to store certain preferences such as "Home" location. Web storage, a cookie variant, is used to store the web app and files you save to "Local Memory." Clearing cookie/web app data from your browser will prevent off-line operation and delete any schedules you saved to Local Memory.

Location data may be sent to MassDOT servers to retrieve schedule an prediction data. Location data may be sent to Google if Google Map features are used.

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