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With WaveformViewer you can create timing diagrams, generate Value Change Dump (VCD) files and simulate digital designs created with Schematic Mobile. This web-browser-based tool is written in Javascript and runs in most modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

You can seamlessly simulate digital schematics created in Schematic Mobile that use eightolives' eo_sim library components or symbols that comply with the eightolives' Hardware Model API version 2. Simulatable models and template models written in Javascript are output from Schematic Mobile and can be loaded by WaveformViewer. Try the examples described in Using WaveformViewer which describes how to run the simlations and provides details of the Javascript models.

Things you can do
  • Create timing diagrams with annotations and constraints.
  • Create, view and edit Value Change Dump (VCD) files.
  • Print or save diagrams as .png image.
  • Simulate digital circuits created with Schematic Mobile.
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Check the tutorials:
Using WaveformViewer.

Simulating a Quadrature (I/Q) Mixer Design with Schematic Mobile and WaveformViewer

A Look at eightolives Hardware Model API (verson 2)

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