Workspaces Desktop Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I want to use it?

Workspaces Desktop lets you browse your designs and perform a variety of analyses and operations easily. It's convienient and easy to run. It's useful for defining and refining concepts easily.

2. Does it replace my world-class simulator or analysis tool?

No. Workspaces Desktop tools have not been optimized for speed or size. The current version is beta software so there are bugs and features yet to be completed. Our tool's script generation, testbench features and operations are designed to help you better use world-class simulators.

3. Why do I want to use beta software?

It does many time consuming, useful tasks quickly as-is. Check out the Tutorials on our web site for things you can do now. The subscription deployment scheme gets you the latest version every time you log in. Pricing reflects the beta status.

4. What's the biggest issue with the tool?

The version 1 VHDL Reader is not fully compliant. It works best with structural VHDL files such as those generated by third party schematic tools. VHDL Processes are treated as component blocks. Logic Equations, i.e.combinational logic, are not corectly interpreted yet. You can check the on-line bug database for outstanding issues. You can send bug reports to us for action.

5. Is the tool intended for newbies?

No. We assume you have experience in digital design development and recognize when and where to apply the right tool for the right job. If the Tutorials and User Manual aren't obvious and if the "Things You Can Do" list doesn't match the things you do, the tool is not for you.

6. Can I run the tool when not connected to the Internet?

Yes, The Java Web Start deployment scheme caches the last version on your computer, however, eightolives libraries and on-line resources would not be accessible.

7. Is data stored in proprietary formats?

No. Designs are stored as VHDL. Other documents are stored as XML with associated style sheets that make them web browser viewable. Most documents can also be stored a HTML.