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Support - How can we help you?

Technical Questions and Requests for Information
If you have technical questions regarding a tool, product or service or if you would like additional information on a product or topic, just email our Help Desk at

Tool Help
All tools have Help links available from the tool's menu category Help. Options include selecting the tool's home page, Known Problems and Limitations page, and a Tutorial. The tool's home page also has links to User and Reference Manuals where applicable. You can also get information from our Products page.

Tool Bug?
Each tool's Help menu or home page has a link for Known Issues listing identified items being worked.
If you have a problem with a tool, template or other product, please submit a bug report via email to List the tool, a description of the issue, and any other relevant information such as whether things were OK in different circumstances. More information helps us replicate and isolate the issue here. Please include the tool version number listed using the main menu's Help > About selection.

Change Your Password Registered users can change their password at Change Your Password.

Human contact
Customers can contact us by phone at 978 457 6625. If leaving a message, please include your email address.